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Roundtable Theme
Strike Up The Band -- December, 2002

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  1. Our Native People
  2. Dollars and Sense
  3. Forces or Nature
  4. Abracadabra
  5. Critters, Cubs, and Campfires
  6. Inside Out and Backwards
  7. Sports Extravaganza
  8. Blast Off
  9. It's A Jungle Of Fun
  10. Kids Against Crime
  11. Winter Wonderland
  12. Strike Up The Band

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Monthly Theme Information -- Strike Up The Band

Everyone loves music, so this month Cub Scouts design their own instruments and become part of a den band. The boys can play games like "Name That Tune" during den meetings. They can learn about songs and instruments from other countries, including some songs that we sing in the USA that had origins in other countries. The month culminates in a mini-concert at the pack meeting, with each den playing a song or two on their homemade instruments. The boys that play a real instrument could share their talents with others, either at a den or pack meeting. During the month, the history of certain musical instruments, or music in general, could be discussed. Dens or individuals could work on the Music academics belt loop or pin.


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