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Roundtable Theme
Roundtable Theme for 2000

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Themes / Core Values
  1. Turn Back The Clock
  2. Cub Grub
  3. Bugs And Things
  4. See The Forest For The Trees
  5. Space: The New Frontier
  6. From Sea To Shining Sea
  7. Toughen Up
  8. Pockets
  9. Our Gifts and Talents
  10. Turn On The Power
  11. What Do You Do At Holiday Time?
  12. When I Grow Up

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January - Turn Back The Clock 
In February we celebrate the founding of the Boy Scouts Of America, so it's a good time to Turn Back the Clock and see what the world was like in past decades. Dens may want to take a look at the Roarin' Twenties or other eras of American history, or travel back to the days of medieval knighthood, ancient Egypt, or prehistoric people. The pack's highlight event will be the blue and gold banquet, an annual family dinner held in nearly every pack in America. Features will be theme-related den skits and demonstrations of Cub Scouting skills. The pack may choose one point in history to use as a banquet theme, or allow each den to choose their favorite era in history.

February - Cub Grub 
Boys love to eat! This month's theme provides a great opportunity for exploring their culinary interests through a variety of activities. For instance, Cub Scouts can make recipe cardholders to use while cooking up their favorite treats. Or start a den tradition by holding an annual den cookout or campfire, with the Cub Scouts treating their parents to yummy snacks prepared by future chefs. The pack meeting also might include a Fellers Cake Bake (see the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book), which gives the "fellers" in the family a chance to cook together.

March - Bugs And Things 
There's just no way around it - boys like bugs! This month boys will have the opportunity to see the world from a bug's-eye view, whether a real or imaginary. Dens may design a recycling project to create "Bugs and Things" from recycled trash. At the pack meetings, boys can sing songs, do skits or play games with their bug friends. What a terrific way for den members to use their imagination!

April - See The Forest For The Trees 
This month we explore the beauty and wonder of our natural trees and forests. Cub Scouts have the opportunity to learn about the rainforest of South America or the hardwood forests of North America - or just explore their own backyards. Dens may take a hike though the neighborhood, a park, or a nature center to identify trees and collect leaves to press. At the pack meeting, Cub Scout dens will share the experiences of their outings, lead a song, or present a skit related to the theme.

May - Space: The New Frontier 
As we explore farther and farther out into our universe, we become aware of how little we understand it. But boys can learn a lot about it nonetheless. June is a great time to take Cub Scouts on a night hike to explore the heavens above. If possible, plan a trip to a planetarium, science museum, or observatory. The sky is truly the limit to a boy's imagination as he dreams of the worlds beyond our own.

June - From Sea To Shining Sea 
This month Cub Scouts will explore all of the things that make America great, from majestic mountains to grand canyons. But America is more than just beautiful scenery -- it's also a huge melting pot of different people and cultures. This is also a good month to talk about your region's heritage and natural resources. The pack meeting is a perfect time for a patriotic songfest and an outdoor carnival and picnic to celebrate the birthday of our country.

July - Toughen Up 
Summer, Cub Scouts, and the Cub Scouts Sports program -- what a natural combination! Cub Scouts love to test and show off their muscles. Physical fitness is an important part of the Scouting program, and as leaders, you can help your Cub Scouts meet a goal of total personal fitness while having fun at the same time.

August - Pockets 
What can a boy put in his pocket? This is a great opportunity for the boys to show off their collections - or to start one! What will it be? Will it be coins? Will it be rocks? The Cubmaster awards achievements and ranks from a large over-sized uniform pocket mock-up.

September - Our Gifts and Talents 
Assist Cub Scouts in discovering their many talents as they plan a showcase for these gifts and talents at the monthly pack meeting. This showcase could include displays or exhibits, live demonstrations, and special performances. Encourage boys to work on Cub Scout Academics belt loops and pins in art, music, or other areas of interest.

October - Turn On The Power 
Boys explore the science of energy through solar power, electrical power, and wind power. They also learn how this energy is used in their everyday lives. A field trip to the local waterworks or power plant might be part of the den's monthly plan. Cub Scouts can test their theories on the dynamics of speed at the pack pinewood derby.

November - What Do You Do At Holiday Time? 
This theme is family-centered, focused on the special activities and pastimes that each boy, his family, and the pack do together during the holiday season - memory-making moments such as tree-cutting or tree-decoration, cookie baking, making gifts or ornaments, or gathering for family dinners. Families might share some of these ideas at the holiday party pack meeting. The pack may continue or begin its own tradition of doing a Good Turn for the chartered organization or community.

December - When I Grow Up 
As we enter a brand new century, Cub Scouts will explore career possibilities of the 21st century. Host a pack career fair, inviting several adults to share what they do for a living and how these career opportunities might change as youth of today grow up and technology advances. Den meeting plans could include field trips to learn about occupations of interest to the boys.

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