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Roundtable Theme
Space: The New Frontier -- May, 2000

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Themes / Core Values
  1. Turn Back The Clock
  2. Cub Grub
  3. Bugs And Things
  4. See The Forest For The Trees
  5. Space: The New Frontier
  6. From Sea To Shining Sea
  7. Toughen Up
  8. Pockets
  9. Our Gifts and Talents
  10. Turn On The Power
  11. What Do You Do At Holiday Time?
  12. When I Grow Up

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Monthly Theme Information -- Space: The New Frontier

As we explore farther and farther out into our universe, we become aware of how little we understand it. But boys can learn a lot about it nonetheless. June is a great time to take Cub Scouts on a night hike to explore the heavens above. If possible, plan a trip to a planetarium, science museum, or observatory. The sky is truly the limit to a boy's imagination as he dreams of the worlds beyond our own.


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