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Cubs Scouts Spread the News -- December, 2004

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  1. Fiesta!!
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  4. My Home State
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  11. Holiday Food Fare
  12. Cubs Scouts Spread the News

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Monthly Theme Information -- Cubs Scouts Spread the News

Let's make news for the New Year. Cub Scouts can make headlines this month and learn about the history of news reporting. The pack spreads the good news about Cub Scouting by inviting the local radio, TV or cable channels to the pack meeting or the upcoming blue and gold banquet. Plan field trips to visit them at their workplace. Dens can publish articles and pictures in a den or pack newsletter or make their own videotape to be shown at the pack meeting or next months blue and gold banquet. Let your Cub Scouts experience the different roles on a news team and hold either a press conference or a news broadcast at the pack meeting. Use props and scripts created by the boys and a camcorder to record the broadcast or pack events. Cub Scouts can learn many different ways to spread the "news" about Scouting this month.


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