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Roundtable Theme
New Buddies -- August, 2008

Webelos Activity Pins - Communicator & Citizen

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Themes / Core Values
  1. Chinese New Year
  2. Litter To Glitter
  3. Abracadabra
  4. Leaf It To Cubs
  5. Go For The Gold
  6. H2Ohhh!
  7. S'more Summer Fun
  8. New Buddies
  9. Adventures In Books
  10. Seeds Of Kindness
  11. Holiday Lights
  12. "A-MAZE-ing" GAMES

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Monthly Theme Information -- New Buddies

Wonderful opportunities are waiting! The new school year brings possibilities of new friends. This month a Cub Scout can invite a new buddy to join the fun and adventure of Cub Scouting! This single act can influence the lives of many others. The boys will make new friends while keeping the old by learning to share and treat buddies with kindness. In the den meeting the boys can learn the value of friendship, cooperation, and respect through games and activities. This new team of buddies can develop secret codes and write messages to each other. They will all learn the Cub Scout handshake and motto which will signify belonging to that special group. The boys can practice the buddy system as they go on hikes, work on projects, play games, and participate in sports. This is a great month for boys to earn a Cub Scout Academics or Sports belt loop or pin as they work and play together with an interest they all share.


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