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Roundtable Theme
Power Up! -- December, 2009

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  4. Leave Nothing But Footprints
  5. A Camping We Will Go
  6. Be A Sport
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  12. Power Up!

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Monthly Theme Information -- Power Up!

Boys explore the science of energy through solar, electrical, and wind power and how this energy is used in their everyday lives. They can explore different ways to conserve energy and protect the world we live in. Work on the Science or Weather belt loop and pin. Boys can invite friends to join in the pinewood derby and discover the power behind those little cars. What types of things are powered up by the flip of a switch? A field trip to the local water works or power plant might be part of the den's monthly plan. Finish up the month with a real power-packed pack meeting. The boys can power up by being physically fit and working on the Physical Fitness belt loop and pin. Character Connection: Responsibility


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